Growing Together Centered on God's Word

With a focus on the family we strive to create a family eniornment in areas of service. Strong family units can make a strong church. We grow through praising/singing together, Studying together, through the preaching of the Word, and through intentional discipleship.

Preaching and Teaching

We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and thus take it very seriously. Click below to see a summary of our current series.


When looking for a church it is of the utmost importance that we find people like minded. Here you can find a brief summary of our church and a brief doctrinal statement.


Discipleship is a clear order in the great commission and a consistent them in scripture. God would have us to grow to be spiritually mature and discipleship helps in this process. To find out more what this looks like click here.

A Place Where You Belong

Not only do we strive to make sure everyone has a place at Lighthouse Baptist Church, we also strive to make sure its a place all can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. As the corner stone of the church we try and make sure that he is the center of our focus, and his love for you is second to none.


Where we Meet

We are currently meeting at the Hygiene Cemetary building. Our meeting times are listed in the footer below.